Encouraging Excellence With Our Outstanding Facilities.


Our school has a vast range of educational toys which help the child to aquire different skills cognitive fine motor skills and life skills. Children learn to share and take turns to clean up after play, thus learning social skill while having fun. We have a gammut of indoor and outdoor sports activities and have professional coaches to coach them on the same. The school has swimming pools, Cricket pitch, Football field, Volleyball etc.


We have digitally equipped classrooms so as to make the process of teaching and learning interactive and effective. The room is equipped with multi- media teaching aids. Children are exposed to musical instruments and also educational CDs for rhyms and moral stories. Children learn to discriminate sound and follow rhym tones etc. All electronic equipment’s kept beyond to the reach of children and TV time is strictly monitored.


A host of co-curricular activities like Music, Art & Craft, Dance (Contemporary / Classical / Folk), Cookery, Gardening etc are part of the school curricular. we have our circle time in an informal setting with bean bags and huge soft toys strewn around. This time also used for storytelling and show and tell activities. Our school teachers are trained to spread out the class out in such a way that they can keep an eye on each child towards safety and facilitate the child for all wellbeing


our school is introduction the latest technology in e- learning i.e. digital classes termed SMART CLASS. The idea is that classes will be conducted by audio visual methods and they will be displayed. The packages includes specially tailored class wise and subject wise programs for students to enables them to go beyond conventional teaching through text books

This will enable the students to see for themselves what they learn in text books which will be not only informative but also will be interesting to them when they see on the huge display board what they have learned through text books in audio visual action. The visual aspect of the presentations make the subject matter more attractive and has great impact on learningand helps the student understand and memorize topics better.


This is the comfort zone for all kids with a variety of play equipment like, rockers, tricycles, pacers, slides, swings for the Nursary group and a spacious play ground with volley ball, shuttle badminton, basketball, cricket and foot-ball post, ect. We also have a kids swimming pool and skating ring where the children can have fun with this physical activity. Children imagination and creativity comes to the fore in the sand pit area. The swimming pool is for fun and frolic.


Each classroom is well ventilated with adequate natural sunlight and spacious for free movement.The class room ambience is attractive to every child that gives a comfortable environment for them to concentrate on the teaching.


A fleet of 4 buses plying between Cumbum Prakasam, providing transport facility to maximum no. of students.